Preventive Services



Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler recommend dental cleanings every 6 months with a complete oral examination every 12 months. This may vary depending on your child’s needs and can be discussed further with the dentist.


Each child’s need for dental x-rays is different. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler are very conservative with radiographs and will discuss their specific recommendation for your child at their dental visit.


A sealant is a protective coating that can be applied to the biting surface of permanent molars to prevent decay from starting. Sealants usually last quite a while, but we will examine them at 6 month exams and can replace them as needed. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler only use BPA free sealant material.

Fluoride Treatments

It is recommended that professional fluoride be applied at cleanings and annual exams to aid the prevention of decay. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler understand some parent’s do not want fluoride used with their child. Please inform our staff before any treatment is initiated so we can discuss options with you.





Dental Fillings are the most common procedure performed in the dental office and is often a very simple procedure. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler only use composite, “white,” filling material.

Stainless Steel Crowns

Unlike an adult tooth, baby teeth are much smaller and will not retain a large filling as well due to the small tooth surface. For this reason, Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Scheffler may recommend a stainless steel crown. Stainless steel crowns are made of exactly that, stainless steel (no mercury), and are completed start to finish in one visit.

Esthetic Crowns

If your child requires a crown in the front of the mouth, Dr. Ortiz or Dr. Scheffler will likely recommend a white crown. Most often we use Cheng Crowns which are stainless steel crowns with a preveneered white facing on the front. Depending on your childs needs, other options may be presented.

Pulpotomy, “Baby Root Canal”

A cavity may extend into the pulp, “nerve,” of your child’s tooth. If this is the case, and the dentist determines the tooth is restorable, the option of a pulpotomy may be presented to prevent an extraction. If a pulpotomy is recommended, a stainless steel crown will also be advised to restore form and function of the tooth.


Your child may need a tooth extracted due to deep decay/infection, trauma or for orthodontic purposes.

Space Maintainers, Habit or Expansion Appliances

In certain circumstances, after an extraction or premature loss of baby teeth, your child may need a space maintainer. Some habits or minor orthodontics may also be addressed with retainers. These appliances are custom made for each case and may require 2-3 visits for fabrication and placement.

Local Anesthetic

Most operative procedures performed in the office will require local anesthetic. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Scheffler have developed techniques to administer local anesthetic with minimal discomfort for your child. We will never use the words “shot” or “injection” but instead “drip sleepy juice” and “shake the tooth to sleep.” Please see our First Visit page for more information on how to prepare your child for their visit.